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  • Face Masks Encouraged on BC Ferries

    Hi fellow ferry users, BCF today updated their Covid-19 page to include the recent update from Transport Canada recommending customers wear face coverings to cover their mouth and nose during travel if they cannot maintain physical distance from others while on board. Stay safe everyone! Melanie Mason More info: Transport Canada Press Release “When travelling by marine modes of transportation,… Continue reading "Face Masks Encouraged on BC Ferries"

  • Welcome to Bowen.FYI

    This website is a volunteer-run community initiative to provide factual, up-to-date information about the services available for Bowen Islanders navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. Think of it as, neighbours doing their very best to help neighbours. (There is a group of us in Bluewater & Bowen Bay who have rallied together to build out and maintain this site.) We strongly encourage… Continue reading "Welcome to Bowen.FYI"