‘Docs on the Bay’ offering Phone Appts to Bowen Islanders

For additional info, incl. booking an appointment, visit: https://www.docsonthebay.ca/

We are (mostly) now just doing phone visits for the safety of our staff/patients and to prevent the spread of COVID19. On occasion, we will advise people come in to see us in person if we feel it is necessary after a phone screen. We are open usual daytime hours (8-5), and closed for our usual “after-hours/walk-in” service (both evening and Saturday times). We have plenty of day time appointments and our patients should be able to get an appointment with a doctor same day on most occasions🙂.

We realize that it can be a difficult decision for patients to determine whether to leave Bowen for medical reasons under usual circumstances… and now with COVID19 in the mix, you have to consider the risk of being exposed if you leave the island and go to a medical clinic/hospital. For that reason, I would like to open phone appointments to Bowen Islanders who are not patients of Docs on the Bay and do NOT have their own family doctor available to them.

NOTE: This is just temporary during the pandemic and this does not mean you are now a regular patient at Docs on the Bay (all our doctors are full unfortunately). The purpose of this service will be for “walk-in” type issues only (not for management of chronic illness). Think of it like a “glorified 811” service, where we can advise more accurately if you need to see a doctor in person, and hopefully manage medical conditions over the phone where possible. This does not replace calling an ambulance if you are really sick. The goal will be to avoid overwhelming the ER/urgent care for those minor or “in-between” cases.

I hope that makes sense… again, for the purpose of continuity of care, it is always best to consult your own family doctor. This is mainly for those who are not attached to a family doctor.

Thanks! Happy to answer any questions ☺️

Dr. Stephanie Shorter