Virtual Shopping with The Phoenix

Phoenix is offering free delivery on Bowen Island. Book a virtual tour with me, and I can take you through the store to see what we have in stock. Tons of Easter gifts available including Bunnies, Books, Board games, candy skewers, art supplies and more.

Call or email to book a time. We are available all day.

604-947-2793 or email us at

Jared Brown

Additional information:

Phoenix is going to be doing a book order for all residents of Bowen Island.

If the books are available through our distributor in Vancouver, the order should take 1-2 days, and will arrive probably by Saturday or Monday at the latest. Most titles are usually available. (We can only do orders through our local distributor, so not all books are available)

All books will be 15 percent off. Orders can be sent via my Facebook Messenger, email at, or call at (604) 947 2793. Deadline for orders will be 4pm, Thursday 26th.