Update from Bowen Island Freight

Please be aware that Bowen Freight is doing everything we can to prevent bringing the Covid-19 virus back to the Island. Our driver dawns a protective P-100 respirator and latex gloves before entering a warehouse, disposes of the gloves before reentering the cab and then sanitizes his hands. On the return ferry he changes into a fresh set of clothing and seals the ‘soiled’ clothing in a garbage bag for washing that evening.

At this time we’re accepting requests for vital cargo (food / drugs / pet food, etc..), reasonably vital cargo enabling islanders to continue in maintenance mode (appliances, plumbing, roofing, etc) or assist in becoming more self-sustainable (generators, green houses, etc.) We will not be accepting cargo for renovations / upgrades or furniture and ask that you not order such things at this time.

Because of social distancing we will only be offering curb side drops (ie. As close to the destination we can get with the truck). In some cases we may be able to deliver to door if able to be done by our driver (ie. Level ground to door).

Canpar / DHL / Loomis / Fedex ground will continue as usual but will be left at the door with no signature required.

I consider our driver to be a hero for undertaking this challenge and commend him for bravery on the front line. You might want to express your gratitude through a window with a wave and a smile.

Yours Truly,

Alan Mills
Bowen Island Freight