LifeLabs Update

Hello Bowen,
We have spoken with the Lifelabs coordinator today and it has been confirmed that Lifelabs is going to continue servicing Bowen Island as per their usual schedule: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:45am-8:45am.
We want to remind everyone that Lifelabs will NOT be performing tests for COVID-19 and you are encouraged to contact 811 for appropriate testing instructions or visit .
Lifelabs is an essential service and it will not be interrupted unless Lifelabs encounters staffing issues.
The following health and social distancing measures are going to be implemented moving forwards:
• Wait outside or in your car until your number is called (we have a small waiting area so please do not congregate inside)
• Maintain a 6ft distance from other patients
• Wash your hands when you enter the clinic and use hand sanitizer frequently
• Limit touching of handles and surfaces
• Leave immediately following your appointment
We request this of all patients as the clinic is closed for all other services because of social distancing recommendations. We want to maintain a safe space for Lifelabs and ensure the community has this essential service. Let’s work together to make sure we can keep it running smoothly.
Hope everyone is keeping their distance and managing to enjoy this beautiful weather.
The BIIH Healthcare Team